Every Child Counts

Every Child Counts is a numeracy intervention; also known as Numbers Count. The ECC teacher is able to give intensive, individual or small group support to enable children to make accelerated progress in maths.

The intervention begins with a diagnostic test to gain a number level for the child/ren and 6 more diagnostic lessons. This enables the teacher to gain a good knowledge of what the child/ren CAN do. This knowledge is then used by the ECC teacher to form an INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PLAN for each child which focuses on the NEXT STEPS of the child’s learning. The programme runs for approximately 40 sessions with the child/ren and teacher working together; celebrating what the child can do, discussing what they would like to be able to do next and seeing the SUCCESS of their maths achievements within each lesson through a Maths Learning Journal. The child/ren make huge progress in maths as they develop mathematical skills and confidence in their maths ability. The children also develop a greater sense of mathematical reasoning which allows them to question and understand concepts deeper.

The success of Every Child Counts/Numbers Count has been obvious at Langford Village with children consistently achieving well over 1 years progress in the 3 month intervention. The ECC teacher and class teachers work together to ensure that the child/ren’s increased confidence continues back in the classroom both during and after the programme. They also ensure that the child/ren retain and further their mathematical level after the programme has finished; both in the classroom lessons and in further, lighter touch interventions overseen by a trained teaching assistant. This is planned with the ECC teacher focusing on the child/ren’s next steps. As a Numbers Count school we aim to ensure that ECC children continue to develop and flourish in their mathematical learning.

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