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We know what it is like being a modern parent. Trying to balance home life, school life, and often work life can be pretty exhausting. The idea of getting involved with a PTA can conjure up the images of militant meeting agendas and cliquey mums standing ready to hand out some parental judgement.

Truth is we aren’t like that, (although I do like a good agenda)!

We’re just a bunch of mums AND dads trying to do something to help our kids and the rest of the school. Without our efforts there would be no school mini-bus for trips and the kids would still be sharing the old sports kits.

It sounds cheesy but I promise you will find significant reward in watching the laughter and fun of children running around an event you helped organise.

Three levels of involvement

Level one: Event Volunteer

This is the level of engagement the vast majority of the school population fulfil. Our events require a large amount of people giving up an hour or two to serve coffees, collect money at the bouncy castle or man the Hook a Duck stall. Without event volunteers we simply wouldn’t be able to run the events and would raise no money whatsoever.

Level Two: FOLVS Meeting Attendee

These people find time on the first Wednesday of every month, at 8pm, to attend our meetings. Here they get to have a say in what future events are organised and look over our requests for funding. The votes on what to fund and what not to fund happen at meetings. You don’t have to attend every one, no one will judge your absence, but if you want to have an input into the how the money is spent then this is where is happens.

Level Three: Event Co-ordination team

It can seem daunting to help co-ordinate an event but we are really all in this together. A few committed individuals can achieve an impressive amount. You don’t have to commit to every event. If you’d like to come help organise one event and that be your contribution for the year, that is more than OK.

Skills Database

At FOLVS we have a Skills Database where we collect the details of people in the community and what they could potentially offer should the need ever arise.

Are you a graphic designer? An electrician? Can you bake? Can you paint? Do you own a truck? Are you a sound engineer? An events co-ordinator?! (wishful thinking)

Please click on the link below and fill out the form to be added to our database. There is no obligation or commitment, it just gives us somewhere to start when we have questions in that field.

Big Ideas Board

The Big Ideas Board is where we collect all the good ideas for events that people have proposed. Often we haven’t organised them yet because we simply don’t have the time or the manpower. If you see something on the board, you’d be interested in getting involved with, or have an idea of your own then please get in touch!

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