STEM WEEK - October 2019

Term 1 'Baking'

Why baking?

There are so many skills that we will be exploring during the week that link to science, technology, engineering and maths – here are a few…


  • Exposure to measurement systems
  • The ability to accurately measure precise amounts is a critical skill in many STEM subjects, including chemistry, engineering and math.
  • In KS1 we will work with measuring cups and spoons when you bake.
  • KS2 will BE looking at different units – l/ml, g/kg and table spoons as well as converting the amount of ingredients
  • Critical Thinking: 

  • Critical thinking exists in all areas of learning. These skills can be as simple as looking at a recipe; evaluating what we have made, the good points and what could be improved next time; experimenting with different flavours, icing, colouring, is it too sweet?
  • Chemical Reactions: 

  • KS2 pupils can read the recipes and take control of reviewing and sharing the recipe aloud, changing an ingredient here and there based on their previous knowledge.
  • Problem Solving: 

  • Despite our best efforts, baking projects sometimes end poorly. These failures are the perfect opportunity to reinforce our pupils' problem-solving skills and links to our school’s growth mindset work.
  • Why did the cake collapse in the oven? Was it because we opened the door? Why did the bread fail to rise? What can we do differently next time to avoid this result?
  • Engineering: 

  • Engineering is an integral component of many kitchen endeavours, including the creation of cakes and pies. Pie crusts, for instance, come in multiple strengths.
  • Which is best for a heavy filling, like meat? Which is too weak? Pose these and other questions to pupils to introduce them to the central tenets of this STEM field.
  • Creativity: 

  • Personalise your basic recipe; for example, add or subtract ingredients based upon her preferences. You can also decorate the baked goods (cupcakes, donuts, etc.) you create together.
  • Home Challenge

    Competition Rules: 

  • Either 1 large cake or 3 cup cakes/cookies
  • A list of ingredients to be supplied (NO NUTS)
  • Child made
  • Style / recipe of choice
  • Judging the competition

    What an amazing turn out of cakes of all different shapes and sizes! We were overwhelmed. Our jodges were: Margaret - baker extrodinare and cake maker for our neighbours, FLTR; Miss Canahan - Joint Chair of FOLVS, Sue and Jules our wonderful kitchen cooks and our very own Mrs Tomlin. Cakes were judges on appearance and taste and we had a huge job on our hands with hundreds of entries. 

    We would like to thank all of those involved and who participated in Langford Village's first Bake Off week. We hope the children are inspired and continue to explore this area of STEM. 

    Our Runners Up

  • Nursery – 2nd place Alayna Hodgson, 3rd place Oliver Reeve
  • Reception – 2nd place James A, 3rd place Theo Burgess
  • Year 1 – 2nd place – Joseph E, 3rd place Noah r
  • Year 2 – 2nd place Daniel Lindzey, 3rd place Ralffs Sporgis
  • Year 3 – 2nd place Hana Needham, 3rd place William Hutchings
  • Year 4 – 2nd place Sam Hill, 3rd place Connie Anderson
  • Year 5 – 2nd place Sebastian, 3rd place Kieron Phillips
  • Year 6 – 2nd place Mia P, 3rd places – Louie and Emily-Mae
  • Winners

    This year's winners are listed below. Their cakes showed great talent and were delicious. Well done to you all and thank you.

  • Nursery – Mia
  • Reception – Alice F
  • Year 1 – Stanley
  • Year 2 – Callum G
  • Year 3 – Jenny A
  • Year 4 – Finn G
  • Year 5 – Benji
  • Year 6 - Ava
  • Photo Galleries

    Please see class pages for photographs of their STEM week activities.

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