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Langford Village School - Uniform Policy

Langford Village School has a school uniform policy; all pupils attending are expected to wear our uniform and parents are asked to support this approach.

We believe that school uniform is important as it plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school.  It instils pride, supports positive behaviour and discipline; ensures pupils from all backgrounds feel welcome, nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of pupils.  A school uniform readily identifies children with the school when they are out and about in the community and on school trips.

We also believe that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning and good behaviour.  A uniform reinforces an ethos in which the school is viewed as a working environment rather than a social environment.

Our school uniform is as follows:

Boys Girls
Navy crew-neck sweatshirt with school logo Navy crew-neck sweatshirt with school logo
Gold polo t-shirt with school logo Navy cardigan with school logo
Grey, black or navy trousers or shorts Gold polo t-shirt with school logo
Sensible black shoes (soft black trainers by exception) Grey, black or navy trousers or skirt
Plain grey or black socks Sensible black shoes (soft black trainers by excetion)
Plain grey or white socks or plain grey or navy tights
Optional summer wear - Light blue, yellow or navy gingham dress


Navy t-shirts – preferably with school logo.  No team logos will be permitted.

Navy shorts


Outdoor kit - navy tracksuit bottoms or joggers and a navy sweatshirt.

P.E. kits are to be kept in school Monday to Friday.

It is our preference that P.E. kit is kept in a drawstring bag rather than rucksacks due to the lack of space in the cloakrooms.

Jewellery and Make-Up

No jewellery is permitted other than one pair of stud earrings and a watch.  Pupils must be responsible for these items.  The school cannot take responsibility for any watches or jewellery that are lost.

No make-up or nail varnish is permitted.

Outdoor Wear

Please ensure that children come to school with the appropriate outdoor wear so that they can enjoy outdoor play whenever possible.

Wellies should be kept in school Monday to Friday.

Appropriate clothing for Outdoor Learning as communicated by the Outdoor Learning Team.

Please ensure that your child's uniform is clearly labelled.

Please note that all uniform orders are to be placed with our chosen supplier, Brigade, using their online order system:

Fresh Start Catering

About Us

Founded in 2007 we’re a small company dedicated to providing a ‘home-cooked’ meal for your children to ensure they have a healthy, nutritious and varied diet every day. We’re passionate about healthy eating and understand the worries and hardships of getting your children to eat a good, well balanced meal. This is why we try very hard to ensure that not only are our menu’s nutritionally balanced, but they’re tasty and appealing, making sure your little ones are kept healthy and happy – which makes us happy.

About Our Meals

Our meals are freshly prepared in your school kitchen every day. We offer 3 different meal options including, unlimited salad cart, hand-made bread, a main pudding or fresh fruit and yoghurt. Our menus work on a 3 weekly rotation. As you may be aware the Government fund all Key Stage 1 children with Free School Meals. This means you will not have to pay for your children’s meals until Year 3.

How to Order

Our Meal Manager offers complete flexibility for ordering your children’s meals. You are able to order on as many or as few meals as you require. You can order between 1 and 5 meals a week, on any day of the week and are able to switch days, add days and change meal choices (as long as this is done by the Tuesday the week before you need to switch/add or change meals.) All Key Stage 1 children are automatically free on our Meal Manager. You just need to choose your child’s meal choices and confirm your meals.

Packed Lunch on School Trips

Fresh Start offer a packed lunch on school trip days. You are able to select, within the preferences, if you would like to have a packed lunch in place of the booked meal on Meal Manager. Fresh Start automatically swap the booked meal for your chosen packed lunch preference. Please be aware: If you advise Fresh Start that you would like a packed lunch on school trip days we will only provide this on the days that you have ordered a meal with us. If you have not ordered a meal with Fresh Start you will be responsible for providing your own packed lunch for the school trip.

Order Deadlines

The deadline to order your meals is Tuesday the week before you wish to have a meal. We try to open Meal Manager at least two weeks before the end of term and we always close, for new term orders, on the Tuesday, the week before your children return to school. We will send you an email letting you know when Meal Manager is open and what the deadline for ordering is. We also send you a reminder a couple of days before the deadline date.

Cancelling a Meal

On occasion you may need to cancel a meal, for example: if you’re going on holiday. We ask that you send us an email to to let us know the date you wish to cancel the meal. We ask that you let us know by the Tuesday the week before you wish the meal cancelled. This is so we have time to remove the choice from the system before we start ordering fresh produce.

 01869 226675


Breakfast and After School Club


Langford Village Breakfast and After School Club is part of the Extended Services offered by Langford Village Community Primary School.  We are based in the Portacabin on the school site and are open Monday to Friday, term time only. 

The Club is run by a team of dedicated and highly qualified staff and the atmosphere is that of a big happy family.

Our Aims

Langford Village Breakfast and After School Club is not a substitute for school - our ethos is for 'free play and fun' in a safe and comfortable environment. Children come to the Club after a long day of learning at school, and they need to be able to unwind and have some fun. In accordance with recommendations from Ofsted, and weather permitting, the children are encouraged to take part in physical activities outside in the fresh air.

When they return to the Portacabin, they are able to choose from a wide variety of games and activities to suit all ages.

We are sometimes asked by parents if children can do homework at the Club. The answer is always yes. However the decision of whether the homework is done is up to the individual child - we will never force them to do it because it is always about ‘choice’ - their choice.

Typical Breakfast Club Session

When attending Breakfast Club children are offered a varied choice of activities including watching DVD’s, board games, drawing and reading.

For those attending a full Breakfast Club session a healthy breakfast is served at 8am. At 8.40am children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 go to class independently. KS1 and FSU children are taken to class by staff and settled before the school day begins.

Typical After School Club Session

The children come to After School Club straight from School at 3:15pm. The younger children in Reception and years 1 and 2 are collected by members of staff.

On arrival at the Club, the children are first checked in on the register. They are then given a drink and a healthy snack before selecting which activity to participate in. Activities include going outside to play - this is usually on the School or playing field but it will very much depend upon the weather, use of laptops, homework, reading, watching a film, games, lego, craft activities etc.

For those attending a full after school session a light tea is served at 4.15pm. All food provided is healthy and of high quality, it varies from day to day and is on a 4 week rolling rota. The weekly menu will be displayed in the Club.

Costs & Hours of Opening

Our charges are extremely competitive and represent excellent value for money.  Below is a list of the current fees:

Breakfast Club

Half Session

Arrival from 8am, breakfast not included


Breakfast Club

Full Session

Arrival from 7.30am and includes breakfast


After School Club

Half Session

Straight from School, collection by 4.30pm light tea not included


After School Club

Full Session

Straight from School, collection by 6pm includes a light tea



Casual Bookings

If spaces are available, we can accept casual bookings.  However, in the first instance you must contact the Play Leader to ensure that a space is available.  The rate per session for casual bookings is an additional £1 on the fees stated above.

Registering your child

Registering your child is very simple.  You will need to complete a Registration form and this can be collected from the After School Club or the School Office.

Once completed, the forms should be sent to the School Office or Club for the attention of Debbie Ratcliffe, BC/ASC Play Leader.  It is the Play Leader who looks after the register, payment and waiting List.

There is an Application Fee of £10.00 per child which should accompany the Registration Forms - please make your cheque payable to Oxfordshire County Council. 

How Do I Pay?

Invoices are issued at the beginning of each month and should be collected from the Club. Fees are payable immediately but payments must be received by 20th of the month, at the latest. Payments received after this date, are subject to a 10% late payment charge which will be added to the next month's invoice. You can pay using cash, cheque, on-line banking or childcare vouchers. However, before you make any payments using online-banking or vouchers, please contact Debbie Ratcliffe.

Contact Details

Langford Village Community Primary School

Breakfast and After School Club

The Portacabin

Peregrine Way


OX26  6SX


01869 369021 (School Office)

01869 323515 (BC/ASC direct line)

07376573159 (BC/ASC direct line)

Play Leader:

Debbie Ratcliffe

Head Teacher:

Maureen Thompson

School Life

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is with great excitement Langford Village Primary School announces that we are now fully enrolled on to the ‘School Life’ platform!

‘School Life’ enables us to communicate more efficiently to the people that matter, you the parents and guardians of our super kids!

For you to access all the important school notifications, provide the details below in an email to the school office ( and we will email back with your own personal login information.

Once you have received your login details download the school life app from either the Google Play store (for Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones, iPods and iPads).

Search for ‘school life official’ and then look for the School Life logo;

Information to email;


List your child/children’s names –

Your Full Name -

Your email address –

Mobile Number –

Do you require an additional account for other family members (a partner or grandparent for example?)

Additional Account Full Name –

Additional Account Email Address -

Term dates

Friends of Langford Village School (PTA)

Guidance on Infection control

A School Life Website
School Life app download
School Life app download