Houses 2019 - 2020

At Langford Village Community School we have a house system. There are 4 houses - Otter, Fox, Badger and Deer. The names were chosen to represent our natural surroundings. Pupils from Reception to Year 6 are allocated a house to belong to and families belong to the same house so that siblings remain together.

This year, we are continuing to build on the roles of House Captains for pupils in Year 6 and Deputy House captain roles for pupils in Year 5. This followed a successful year, whereby their input led to an increase in participation in physical activity. The pupils in Upper Key Stage 2 will elect a boy and girl House Captain and one Deputy House Captain for each house at the start of the academic year. They also form the School's Sports Organising Committee and will liaise with the school council.

We hope that these pupils will engage with ALL pupils and motivate them to become increasingly active and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Their role will be to organise sporting events and ensure all children are encouraged to take part. They will ensure that ALL pupils are included in physical activities on a day to day basis as well as having access to Level 2 competitions and represent the school.

At Langford Village, we aim to offer all pupils the opportunity to participate in sporting activities and competitions throughout the school. Along with the school council, we have developed a program of termly inter-house sporting events.

Years 4 - 6 Sports Day

Thank you to all parents who helped create a fantastic atmosphere on sports day. The afternoon was a huge success, and saw children participate in a range of events, from the water carry and welly wanging to the hurdles and relay. Children were particularly overjoyed to watch the toddlers' and parents' races, as well as the teacher vs parents relay (The teachers came out on top!). All points were combined and the results were as follow: 1st Fox house; 2nd Deer house; 3rd Otter house; 4th Badger house. A huge congratulations to all who took part and won points for their team!

Years 1 - 3 Inter House Rounders Competition

On Friday 7th July, Years 1 - 3 competed in their houses in a 'Tunnel Rounders' competition. The standard was high and staff and children were fully engaged in the fun and games. The houses - Otter, Dee, Fox and Badger were split into 2 so that there were 8 teams in total. Mr Holt introduced 'Tunnel Rounders' to the pupils who then enjoyed joining in. Photo gallery to follow.

The teams played each other with the number of rounders scored being counted by Ross Steel and Miss Mack. The finals were held in the afternoon and were a tense occasion. The results of Langford Village Year 1 -3 Tunnel Rounders results are as follows:

1st place with an incredible 68 rounders - Otters 1 (Mrs T)

2nd place with 67 rounders - Deer 1 (Miss Williams)

3rd place with 61 rounders - Deer 2 (Mandy)

4th place with 60 rounders - Otter 1 (Miss Fowler)

5th place with 57 rounders - Fox 2 (Mrs Lamburn)

Joint 6th Place with 54 rounders - Badgers 1 (Mrs McEwan) and Fox 1 (Mr Holt)

7th Place with 52 rounders - Badger 2 (Miss Nixon)

Having combined the house totals the winning houses for 2017 are Otters and Deers with an amazing total of 128 rounders! Well done to everyone who took part in an amazing day of sporting fun and competition.

Years 4 - 6 Inter-house Rounders

Last week, children from years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an inter-house rounders competition. Children played a total of 5 games of foot rounders and batting rounders. All games were played in good spirit and results were very close, however, we did have a winner. Well done to children that played in the Fox B team who obtained 10 points. 2nd and 3rd place went to Otter A team and Otter B team, who earned 9 and 7 points respectively. Well done to all children who made the day a success.

Provisional Timetable:

Term 2 Cross Country House Run
Term 3 Football festival
Term 4 Quick sticks hockey
Term 5 Rounders / Quick Cricket
Term 6 Athletics / sports day

Sporting roles 2016 -2017

Over the course of the year, the committee has been responsible for organising and managing 2 inter-school (Level 1) competitions. They supported less able pupils and younger pupils in completing the cross country races as well as keeping scores. They have supported SEND pupils when taking part, making sure that activities are suitable and offering encouragement.

House activities across the school

The pupils have worked across phase and year groups in their houses at different opportunities this year. This provides an opportunity for younger and older pupils to mix and for older pupils to take responsibility for supporting younger pupils. Further activities are arranged for the Summer Term.

Weekly and Termly House Point Totals

House Colours

Badger - Blue

Deer - Green

Otter - Red

Fox - Yellow

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