Welcome to Nursery, where children lead their learning through play.

We are Sparrows (am) and Swallows (pm) class

Mrs Oliver is the Nursery teacher, Gemma and Kellie also support us with our learning.



Lunch: Please ensure your child brings a lunch box to school with them each day, both Nursery classes will eat their lunch as part of their session. Due to allergy concerns we ask that there are no nuts in any food sent into school.

Snack: Langford Village Community Primary School promotes healthy eating. Fruit and Semi-Skimmed Milk is provided for a snack at times throughout the session.

Summer: In the warmer weather please ensure your child comes to school with a sun hat.

Winter: In the colder months please ensure your child come to school with a coat. 

Classroom: Children will need water bottles in class every day. Please ensure bottles only contain water and are labelled.

Spare clothes: A bag of spare clothes should be brought to school each day which should include a full set of clothes (including underwear). Please ensure each item is labelled with your child's name.

Wellies and waterproofs: Please provide your child with wellies and waterproofs that can stay in school. 

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