Safer Internet Week 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February with the theme 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'.

This week, beginning Monday 6th February 2017, is Safer Internet week at Langford Village School. Children across the school have been learning about Internet safety in lots of different ways. Below is a link to the website we have used with the children.

Some of our Key Stage 2 classes (years 3 to 6) watched a 'SID TV' video where they heard from children about their perspectives on the images they see online. They discussed the themes mentioned around permanence of images and how there is often more to them than meets the eye. As a follow up they played 'Emoji match-up' where children had to match emoji pictures with the correct definition. For example, a blushing face = I'm embarassed. Children had to discuss why they thought pictures and definitions matched. As an extension activity, children created their own Emojis and some even used Emojis to create top tips for a better Internet.

Emoji work

Real or fake images

Children have also been looking closely at images and trying to decide whether they are real or fake. We showed 6 different images, two of which were real, four were fake (they had been changed or edited in some way). Children had to work together to decide which were which and what had been changed in the fake ones. The link below shows the 6 pictures.

Picture 1: FAKE The colours of this landscape have been edited to seem brighter. Picture 2: FAKE This picture has been edited to remove the people so the clothes seem to float. Picture 3: REAL This is a real picture of a sinkhole in Guatemala City in 2010. Picture 4: FAKE The colours of the eye have been edited. Picture 5: FAKE The man's smile has been made to look bigger. Picture 6: REAL This is an optical illusion created by painting a scene on to the side of a building.

What we use online

Children have been discussing what they use online. Using logos they brainstormed all the things they love using the internet for. Children were then reminded of SID's top tips for staying safe on the Internet:

SID's Top Tips

Key Stage One

Key stage one have also enjoyed learning about how to stay safe on the Internet. The children watched the SID TV video for 5-7 year olds featuring Red and Murphy. They discussed the themes mentioned around personal information and discussed what information is okay to share online and what information we should keep private.

They listened to a story about Digiduck which involves the issue of sharing images that Digiduck knows are okay to share online. The children were encouraged to write positive comments. The children talked about how commenting on other people's photos can affect their feelings. Positive comments will make them feel happy, whilst negative comments might make them feel sad or lonely. After listening to Digiduck's Big Decision, children wrote comments and captions for the photos from Proud pig's party.

Robin's class assembly

Robins class did a fantastic assembly for the whole school, based on the story of Digiduck. Everyone was very impressed with how well the children performed with such a big audience. Here are some photos of the assembly.

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