Outdoor learning for all of Key Stage 2

The Key Stage 2 classes are taught by Mr Robinson. Our aim is to to study the National curriculum through a different medium as well as providing enjoyment, freedom and creative and inspirational experiences that the children can draw on for the rest of their lives. Each child experiences up to two hours of outdoor learning every two weeks and by taking advantage of the schools natural green expanse and cosy woodland, the children's well-being and attainment in class is positively affected. Through the activities and further development of the Key Stage 2 outdoor learning programme, the children will develop a growth mind-set and acquire practical skills to solve problems and challenges in the natural environment where compassion and team work is encouraged to help one another.

Children will concentrate a lot on creation and construction such as emergency shelter and den building. We will develop and improve our engineering skills through activities such as building water runs using plastic materials and studying the mechanics of bird nests. Each of these activities require creativity, patience and a lot of persistence.

With each lesson, we learn more about our environment and the area that surrounds our classrooms. Through drawing maps of the school grounds and exploring of the its history, the students will discover more about its layout and design. In addition, the children will take a deeper interest in the school's immediate environment through painting and planting , learning to play a direct roll in the appearance of the school.

With the warmer weather we will tap into our sense of adventure though the exploring of the school's pond and vegetable patch. Exploring what is beyond our school grounds and deepening our knowledge of local flora along with our understanding of life cycles and water habitat.

Clothes required for your child

The cold and wet weather will be with us for a little while longer so we need to make sure that everybody is suitably equipped. Your child needs the correct number of layers of clothing and the list of essentials below is a guide to ensure that they will be comfortable in wet and colder conditions:

• A long sleeved shirt

• Tracksuit bottoms or leggings

• A jumper / fleece or equivalent

• Wellies

• A waterproof coat. Please double check whether the coat can resist water from seeping through.

• Waterproof trousers (optional) as these will be provided if you do not have any

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