School Timings

The school gates open just after 8.30am to give you time to get to your year group cloakroom doors.

Cloakroom doors will open at 8.40 (8.45 Nursery Sparrows) and children will be welcomed into school. 

Registration closes at 8.55am and after that point your child will be marked as late. Please try to be as prompt as possible. 

School gates will be locked and remain locked until 3.10pm when we will open them for end of the day collections. 

Year Group Start of the school day Registration closes End of the school day
Nursery 8.45am or 12.15pm 8.55am or 12.25pm 11.45am or 3.15pm
Reception to Year 6 8.40am 8.55am 3.15pm

Total school hours provided in a typical week is 32.5

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