Friday 9th February 2024 - Term 3

Dear Parents, carers and our amazing children,

It has been a short but very busy term and as always we have managed to pack lots in. I hope you enjoy reading about what your children have been doing in school this term and looking at the photographs.

Have a lovely half term break and we look forward to seeing you in term 4. Please remember that Monday 19th February is an INSET day and school will therefore reopen on Tuesday 20th February.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sarah Tomlin


This Term at Langford...

School News & Events

Pupil Leadership Team

This term, the PLT have met to organise plans for up and coming events. These include supporting the Eco Committee with the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. We have also met to decide on the winning house logos as well as planning events around British Science Week in Term 4 and Comic Relief so watch this space.

Eco- Council

This term the Eco Council have been busy. We held our termly meeting where we wrote our Eco Code. This is our school’s commitment to improving our environment. See our code below:

We are also putting together our working action plan and we will share this shortly. Look out for our Eco Notice Board coming soon!

The Eco Council also had a great time making bird feeders and bird watching. We are taking part in The RSPB Big School Bird Watch. We put our bird feeders out last week and we have already noticed more birds around school. We will submit our results to RSPB and we hope to update the school community with our results next term.

Extra Curricular Activities

Creative Writing and Illustration Club 

We have been having such a wonderful time in writing club this term. The children have been so enthusiastic and excited when writing their short stories, sharing their ideas with each other and encouraging each other to use powerful vocabulary. They have each been given a special book, which they are filling with short stories or a chapter book of their ideas. Some examples of titles include ‘The Terrifying Ten’, ‘Short Magical Stories’ and ‘The Fantastic Witch’. They have created their own front covers and written a blurb to introduce their ideas. We have had stories about teddy bears, fairies, football, journeys to secret worlds and so much more. We are looking forward to continuing our short stories after half term.


Comic Club

This term, we have revelled creating our own comics, posters, heroes and villains. During ‘World Storytelling Week’, the pupils created and shared stories for others to enjoy. We have enjoyed using the new A3 storyboards as well as the fabulous new felt pens which have helped us add colour and pizzazz to our creations.

Warhammer Club

Well, we have come back with a BANG this term! We have welcomed new members to our club and have enjoyed exploring the new armies. We are developing our talents and our skills – our interests are expanding too. The club now spans several different areas of the LKS2 block - we have a designated painting area with a vast collection of paints, an area for building customised miniatures using an abundance of sprues that we have been gifted; an area to build and create the new ‘Death Guard’ Combat Patrol and Mr Marshall has kindly allowed us to use his classroom to go to battle and play Warhammer! Club members can decide which areas they would like to go to and are free to go between them. It has also been great to see friendships develop through a mutual appreciation of all things Warhammer!


Nursery - Swallows and Sparrows

This term the children have been enjoying our topic ‘where do stars go?’. They have enjoyed learning about the changes that occur over 24hours and how this impacts on the environment, animals and our families. The children have been challenged throughout the term to look at routines and patterns of time that we use to define day and night. They have enjoyed sharing photographs of themselves outside of Nursery doing some routine tasks and discussing where and when these occurred and why. This has then created a lovely display in the classroom which has encouraged some wonderful child-led discussions.

Throughout the term the children have especially enjoyed the focus story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ by Julia Donaldson. Through these stories the children have been introduced to the concept of nocturnal animals and how we need sleep to stay healthy. These stories have also allowed the children to develop their storytelling skills, learning repeated refrains and developing an understanding of sequencing.

We have finished the term by learning about Chinese New Year and the Chinese culture ahead of the celebration on 10th February. The highlight of this event has been a visit from a parent who kindly shared their own family celebrations with the children. It is wonderful for the children to experience these cultural celebrations first hand where they love to listen to visitors sharing stories and exploring what these events mean to their friends. We would like to say a big thank you to Ms Chan for making this event so special.

If you would like to share your cultural celebrations with Nursery we welcome all contributions, whether that is a visit to the setting or simply sharing some artefacts. These events really are so beneficial for the children and we hope to include more in the future. Please speak to a member of the team if this is something you would like to be involved in.

Reception - Flamingos and Swans
This term we have been exploring Space and the Polar Regions (Antarctica and the Artic) as well as weaving in the season of 'Winter'. We launched our journey into space on the first day of term, by having Oxford Science Museum bringing in a planetarium for us to explore. This was a giant inflatable dome, which projected the night sky and space and we had a chance to visit the Moon, Mars and the National Space Station. We really enjoyed learning more about stars, the planets and space and we loved looking at real life pictures of our planet and galaxy.

We have made our own art installation based on Van Gogh's 'Starry Night.


The last few weeks of term, saw us looking at the North and South Pole, where they are located and what type of animals live in each continent as well as enjoying reading non-fiction books related to that topic. 

We have been really lucky to see some 'real life' pictures of the Arctic as Miss O'Neill's brother has gone to the Yukon Territory in the Arctic Circle to help with the medical needs of the athletes taking part in the ultramarathon out there. He has sent us some fantastic pictures and reported temperatures of -35°C with a windchill taking the temperature as low as -52°C! 



Year 1

We have had a brilliant term in Year 1.

In History, we have been busy learning about the history of flight. From learning about the different ways of flying, to the invention of aeroplanes, our Year 1 historians have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the journey of early flying machines to the modern aeroplanes in our skies today. Our favourite learning experience was transforming our classroom into the cabin of a plane! We made our own boarding passes and ‘boarded’ our plane. We imagined how it would feel to take off and fly, and even experienced some turbulence along the way!

In PE this term we have really enjoyed our dance unit where we have been using our bodies to express rhythm and coordination. Our Year 1 children have fully embraced the joy of movement, expressing themselves creatively in accordance with music and working collaboratively on choreography. We especially enjoyed listening to the music from ‘Frozen’ where we practised freeze poses to hold our position and practise balance.

Other highlights this term have included our Art topic where we have experimented with using paper to shape and construct different structures. After folding, bending and shaping the paper to make 3D shape sculptures, we put our skills into practise and made a 3D tree of life.

Year 2

Year 2 have had a busy term, we have been looking at different materials in Science, we have talked about the Great Fire of London in History, as well as diary writing about the Great Fire of London in English.  

The below photo's show the children during science testing natural material from outside. There are also photos of them sequencing the events of the Great Fire of London as well as acting out scenes from this event in drama.

Year 2 have been thinking about stability in DT, what shape would we use for stability when making ‘Baby Bears’ chair?

We have also explored money in Maths – what coins and notes we have, what they look like and how to make different amounts. 

As part of our English writing unit we also found lots of cosy reading nooks around school. We loved sharing stories with our friends in lots of different places!

It has been a fun filled term of learning for us!


Year 3

This term in Year 3 the children have been exploring the topic of rivers, both here in Britain and further around the world. We have also been looking at plants, delving into their features and functions, including some practical experiments! The children have also learnt an Irish Meadow dance in PE, which they have performed to another year group. This term we moved onto measurement in Maths, leading to lots of fun with the children measuring each other to sharpen their skills!


Year 4

We started our Anglo-Saxon’s topic with an Art and Design focus. We collected cardboard boxes and used a range of templates depicting Anglo Saxon crosses, patterns and symbols. First, they looked at imagery of Anglo Saxon symbols and created sketchbook pages of designs. We discussed materials that would have been used to create these crosses.

Small cardboard parts were added to the crosses using PVA glue and left for a week to fully dry. We discussed that by adding cardboard patterns in layers we were creating texture and depth to our work.

The children chose a paint scheme either in coppers and browns or greys and silvers. We added shading with dark paint using a dry brush and sponges. It was lovely to hear our children discussing options with their peers and making creative design decisions together. 

We also studied a variety of artefacts and learnt about the items found at Sutton Hoo. We then learnt what materials were used to create various brooches, buckles and purse lids and designed our own artefacts. We made them from clay and used tools to shape and add details.


In Science, our focus has been ‘electricity’. We have learnt the symbols for different electrical components and have built simple circuits using motors, buzzers, bulbs and some have used switches and learnt how these ‘break’ the flow of electricity in the circuit.

Maths this term has seen the children continue their hard work learning and revising their times tables. We have used this knowledge to practise formal written methods of multiplication, including 2 digit multiplied by 1 digit and 3 digit multiplied by 1 digit. They have shown resilience and perseverance learning new methods. We have ended term 3 with methods of division, including how to use the short method of division with remainders.


Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic start to Term 3 with a Planetarium Experience to launch our Space topic. They enjoyed learning about the stars and how earth looks from other planets. Their poetry writing, influenced by Felix Baumgartner’s space fall, was very impressive and they used some fantastic vocabulary! Continuing to use Space as a theme for our English, we have loved learning about the new planets they have created for their non-chronological report writing. In Geography, we have enjoyed exploring the Americas and learning about famous landmarks in North and South America, as well as comparing human and physical geography. Hawks have enjoyed their final term of swimming and had a fun final session learning important survival skills. In Art, we have been creating printing plates and used this to make backgrounds for our futuristic style drawings, which were created with a range of materials and skills. We have had a super and busy ‘Space’ themed term and now look forward to learning all about the ‘Terrible Tudors’ for our topic in Term 4.


Year 6

This term in Art, Year 6 have been exploring patterns, colours and symbols of Maya art, and recorded their findings through experimental and expressive mark making. They have also combined inspiration from the Maya and the style of modern artist, Dan Fenelon, by representing themselves through spirit companion symbols and creating a drawn tile of line, pattern and colour. They have learnt about the drawing and painting techniques of Chiaroscuro and applied their understanding of using light and dark to create form and impact in Maya-inspired word art. The children then applied the techniques, skills and inspiration form the artists studied to create a powerful drawn image to convey a message on a subject they feel passionate about.

In History, the children have explored the reason why Britain declared war on Germany and the timeline of when the allied and axis powers joined World War II. They also researched what life was like at home for women and children during the war; from being evacuees, to rationing, Anderson shelters and gas masks, and the role of women during the war.

Back in the first week of term, Buzzards were lucky enough to be joined in one of their PE lessons by Mr Brown from The Cooper School. With him, he brought some lacrosse equipment, which Buzzards were extremely excited about using. They had great fun learning the different throwing and catching techniques with the lacrosse sticks and put their new skills into action during some mini matches.

Times Table Rockstars - Top of the Rocks

Well done to the following pupils for finishing in the top 10 this term, within the whole school. You will receive a certificate from Mr North!

All of you guys ROCK! Make sure you continue to use TTRS over the half term break and get better and better with your times tables!


Name Pupil Class Year Group Total Points
1st Chidera O Kestrels Year 5 150,290
2nd Chika O Tawny Owls Year 4 94,310
3rd Shiven S Kestrels Year 5 44,392
4th Elsa J Tawny Owls Year 4 14,551
4th Theo P Eagles Year 6 10,240
6th Amber H Red Kites Year 3 8,560
7th Scarlett B Barn Owls Year 4 7,802
8th Nathaniel R-L Barn Owls Year 4 7,621
9th Theodore S Tawny Owls Year 4 6,551
10th Jackson B Red Kites Year 3 6,550

Please ensure that your child is accessing Times Table Rockstars at least 2 to 3 times a week. Maths is a big subject, and we appreciate there is more to it than just times tables and there is more to times tables than learning them off by heart. However, a lot of the rich, interesting maths is all about the multiplicative relationships and these are hard to fully grasp without fluent recall of the tables. For that reason, learning the tables is fundamental – they are a key facilitator to the maths that sits on top. We have always believed that. Pupils can play any of the game formats and start earning their coins, which they can then spend on making sure their avatars are rocking!

Thanks for your support,

Mr North (Maths Co-ordinator)

STEM - Inventors & Makers

To celebrate the birth of a critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla in London Zoo on January 17th this year, we share with you the wonderful Jane Goodall. Jane’s work around the conservation of chimpanzees has shone a light on the plight of so many endangered species and brings hope! 


P.E Challenge

The Miss Sherwood & Miss Morris Challenge: Be Boulder 

How to play 

Pick one player to be the dice thrower, the rest will be climbers and agree what the numbers on the dice mean. For example: 

  1. = left hand 
  2. = right hand 
  3. = left foot 
  4. = right foot 
  5. = rest 
  6. = change thrower  

The climbers crouch on their hands and feet (no knees!) – this is the rest position. 

The thrower throws the dice. The climbers lift the matching body part off the floor and try to stay balanced. Keep throwing until someone falls over or a 6 is thrown, then change the thrower. Who can follow the correct moves and stay balanced longest? Keep going to see who can balance for the longest time! Speed up the game so climbers must change positions faster! 


Lift up two body parts at once to make it more challenging. For example:  

  1. = left hand and right foot 
  2. = right hand and left foot 
  3. = left hand and left foot
  4. = right hand and right foot


Langford School Sports Success

Term 3 has seen the ‘real beginning’ of the Year 5 and 6 Football club, with all 3 teams (Langford A, Langford B and Langford Girls) pulling on the legendary yellow kit of Langford Village for the 2023/24 season.

The A team have been by far the busiest of the 3 squads and have really set the tone with their amazing teamwork, determination and work ethic in their opening 4 fixtures. Each of the 4 fixtures have been against typically very strong opposition in the forms of Kings Meadow, Brookside, Bure Park and Eynsham. 3 strong wins, with the combination of 8 goals scored and 1 conceded has really set the league alight and has turned the heads of other managers and players alike – could this be Langford’s season. One loss did come against a strong Eynsham team, but the attitude shown in the loss filled the players and coaches with confidence that this Langford side can do something special this season. Shout outs go to the keeper Micheal, who has been solid in the sticks and another mention goes to the on-fire Harry who scored a hat-trick in the 4-1 win over Bure. Keep it going A team!

The Langford Bs had a much quieter schedule in Term 4 but followed the A team, with an incredible 3-1 win over Bure Park away. For many of the boys this was their first game of football and they performed amazingly and got stuck in with the minutes they played on the pitch. A big shout out to the Year 5s that played in this game too, really stepping up and taking the fight to large Year 6 opponents. George, Alex and David all put in an excellent performance and secured the 3 points with their 3 spectacular goals. Joshua also led amazingly from the sticks as you could hear him barking orders to his teammates. Well done B team, 3 points on the board – we are sure you will get many more points next term.

We were very disappointed that both girl's fixtures that were planned for the final week of term, were cancelled due to standing water on the pitch and heavy rain. We are very much looking forward to watching the girl's games when they are rescheduled for next term.

Swimming Gala

On Thursday 25th January some children from both Year 6 classes had the opportunity to participate in a swimming gala, racing against other Bicester schools. This was great fun and the children enjoyed participating; they were incredibly supportive and showed great team spirit!

Sportshall Athletics

On Thursday 8th February, 28 Year 6 Athletes travelled to Cooper School Sports Hall for a fanstastic morning of indoor athletics. During the morning, the children all took part in a competition against 8 other school teams. Field events included: Chest Push Throw, Soft Javelin Throw, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Standing High Jump and Speed Bounce. The Track events included many different race formats from short sprint to long distance, as well as some interesting races such as the Paarlauf, obstacle and the ‘over, under’ relay.

Langford were superb with their teamwork and encouragement towards each other and were certainly the loudest with their cheering and support of each other. Overall, team Langford Village finished in 4th place out of 8 teams. Well done to everyone who attended.


Play at home

Take part in any challenges with your family and friends. Give your answers to your class teachers.

True or False?

1. When exiting a cave, bats always go in the direction of the wind.

2. The goat is the national animal of Scotland.

3. The hummingbird egg is the world's smallest bird egg.

Research these facts to discover if they are True or False


Last term's riddle answers:

  1. Riddle: I get chopped down, decorated all over, and I have wings on top. What am I? Answer: A Christmas Tree
  2. Riddle: I’m a cookie you might like to eat, and some might say I’m a favoured Christmas treat. I have brown arms, eyes, and don’t forget my feet. What am I? Answer: A Gingerbread Man
  3. Riddle: Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?  Answer: In the dictionary

This month's riddles...good luck!

Riddle: I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

Riddle: What is full of holes but still holds water?

Riddle: A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet. Why?


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