1) All fees are payable in advance. Invoices are issued monthly and are payable immediately. Payments received after 20th of the month in which the invoice is payable, will be subject to a late payment charge of 10%. Three late payments will result in a formal written warning. See paragraph 5) re written warnings.

2) Cheques should be made payable to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC).

3) Booked places must be paid for, irrespective of whether the child attends a session or not. However the Club will consider waiving the daily charge in certain circumstances and where four weeks written notice has been received. Such circumstances include booked holidays, school trips, hospital / medical appointments. Further waiving of daily charges will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

4) Complete failure to pay an invoice for any given period will result in a written warning detailing the period covered and the amount owed. A 10% levy will be added to the outstanding amount. In addition to the warning, settlement of the outstanding sum plus the added 10% will be expected within 7 days or a further written warning will be issued. See paragraph 5) re written warnings.

5) Should any parent/carer receive three written warnings covering any of the above matters, their child’s/children’s places will be withdrawn with immediate effect from the issue of the third written warning.

6) A fully completed registration form, completed accurately to the best of the Parent/Carers knowledge, together with a £10.00 Administration Fee must be submitted before a child can be accepted into the Club.

7) Parents/Carers must ensure that BC/ASC leaders are notified in writing of any changes to the registration form as soon as they occur (in particular emergency contact details).

8) Although a wide variety of activities will be on offer, including the opportunity for children to do their homework, we will not make any activity compulsory or make a child participate if they do not wish to do it. The emphasis will be on choice and enjoyment.

9) It is politely requested that all children be dropped off at Breakfast Club by 8.20am to avoid unnecessary disruption to other children in attendance.

10) Children attending full Breakfast Club sessions must arrive before 8.00am if they wish to eat breakfast (served between 7.30am - 8.00am). Breakfast is not served after 8.00am.

11) All children must be collected from After School Club by 6.00p.m. Failure to do this will incur a penalty charge per child of £5.00 per five minutes after 6.05pm (unless there are extenuating circumstances). If the child still remains uncollected 45 minutes after the close of the After School Club session and no contact with the parent /carer or authorised person has been established, BC/ASC are obliged to inform the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (formerly Social Services).

12) The authorised person who collects the child must sign their child into Breakfast Club and out of the After School Club to enable accurate registration.

13) If your child is ill and unable to attend the Breakfast Club or After School Club you must notify the Club in addition to the school. (Tel ASC on 07376573159 or 01869 323515). In order to meet our duty of care, any child that has a place in a session where they do not appear will be presumed missing and Parents/Carers will be contacted. The staff at BC/ASC would be grateful if parents/carers could help ensure this is adhered to.

14) If a child needs to go straight to hospital, an ambulance will be called. The parent/carer will also be contacted. A member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital and remain with the child until the parent / carer arrives at the hospital.

15) If the child does not need to go straight to hospital but her/his condition means s/he should go home, the parent / carer / emergency contact will be contacted and asked to collect their child. In the meantime, the child will be made as comfortable as possible and be kept under close supervision.

16) BC/ASC are unable to accept children at the After School or Breakfast Club if they have been absent from school due to sickness or diarrhoea. The Club’s Sickness Policy is in line with that of the School.

17) BC/ASC reserves the right to exclude any children from the club whose behaviour is disruptive and prevents them from providing a safe, stimulating and happy environment for other children. This option will only be used in extreme circumstances and as a last resort after extensive consultation with Parents/Carers and the children concerned.

18) Parents, Carers and Staff are all expected to behave in an appropriate manner – particularly when in the presence of the children. Abusive behaviour shown towards staff will not be tolerated and a written warning will be issued to the person displaying the behaviour. These warnings form part of the zero tolerance policy. See paragraph 5) re written warnings.

19) The Club has a responsibility to contact the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board if we are concerned in any way about the safety of a child. The Club has a duty of care for the welfare of the child and maintains strong links with the School. LVASC will share any concerns with the School, Child Protection Officer and SENCO.

20) The Terms and Conditions will be issued to new Parents/Carers and signed for.

21) The emergency contact number for the Breakfast and After School Clubs during Club hours is 07376573159

I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed above and acknowledge they are part of the contract whereby childcare is provided for my child(ren) by the BC/ASC.

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