Year 6 - Top 5 Greatest Inventions

During Term 3, Year 6 have been studying the greatest inventions of all time. The children were given the task of choosing their nomination for their class 'Top 5'. A mixture of research, artistic talent and persuasive speeches, led to a very tightly contested competition. However, a 'Top 5' from each class had to be chosen, the results are below:

Buzzards Top 5 Inventions

1st Place - Isabella and Abigail - The Telephone

2nd Place - Grace and Eva - Hospitals

3rd Place - Jessica, Kira and Anette - The Telescope

4th Place - Danniella and Gracie - Vaccinations

5th Place - Emily and Summer - Soap

Eagles Top 5 Inventions

1st Place - Isla - Medicine

2nd Place - Maja and Laila - Medicine

3rd Place - Sam and Maddox - The Wheel

4th Place - Polly and Angel - Paper

5th Place - George and Leo - Electricity

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