Dear Parents and Carers

RE: Zones of Regulation and Emotion Monsters

I am writing to let you know about a new strategy being rolled out across the whole school, ‘Zones of Regulation’ and within the FSU the use of ‘Emotion Monsters’. These are tools used to help students identify and communicate how they are feeling in a healthy way. It also gives students ideas for how to feel better in a healthy way.

Zones of Regulation

The four coloured ‘Zones’ can be seen in the image below and well as some possible feelings you may attribute to being in that zone.

The Zones of Regulation tool also involves including strategies for specific zones to help students move back into the green zone, as this is the ‘best place’ to be for children to feel secure and ready to learn. For instance, some suggestions for strategies for the red zone might be taking a movement break or doing some deep breathing exercises.

As a school all teaching and support staff have benefitted from training in this approach led by the Advisory teacher from the Communication and Interaction Team. As a school we have been using this strategy with a number of individual pupils for some time and are excited about embedding it in the whole school culture as we believe it will be beneficial to have the same consistent language and approach to support children to recognise and regulate their emotions.

Emotion Monsters

These mood monsters are a great way to help young children explain how they feel and the emotions they are experiencing. They can be used to help children find the words that match the facial expressions on the monsters so they can talk about how their feelings and their mood.

As an outcome of ‘Wellbeing Week’ we will be changing the display boards in the school hall to reflect the zones and emotions and we look forward to showcasing the children’s work on the school website and for you see at the next parent’s consultation evening.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s class teacher in the first instance as they will be planning the activities for their classes around the introduction or alternatively I can be contacted via the school office.

With Kind Regards

Ruth Nixon


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